Determine the maximum speed of the oscillation

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A passenger car traveling down a rough road bounces up and down at 1.0 with a maximum vertical acceleration of 0.17 , both typical values. What is the amplitude of the oscillation? What is the maximum speed of the oscillation?

Reference no: EM13501558

Find energy in joule of single photon of microwave radiation

What, according to Max Planck, is the minimum amount of electromagnetic radiation energy in joules that can be emitted or absorbed at a frequency of 6.7×1012 Hz? Enter your

What is maximum tension in cat before the tow begins to slip

If we assume that the hitch is strong enough that it does not break, and if the engine of the tow truck is powerful enough to provide whatever force is needed, then what is

White light passes during transmission diffraction grating

When white light passes during transmission diffraction grating an observer sees in the fringe of the 1st order. A spectrum with the red light being deflected the most. A spec

Describe the kind of seasonal variation you expect to see

Sales are up. The sales at your new gift shop in December are double the November value. Should you conclude that your shop is growing more popular and will soon make you ri

What is your speed when you complete your pass

You are travelling on a two-lane highway 30 m behind a slow truck. You and the truck are initially moving at 20 m/s/ you reach a passing zone and at t=0 start to pass the truc

What is the relation between these accelerations

An object of mass m1 on a frictionless horizontal table is connected to an object of mass m2 through a very light pulley P1 and a light fixed pulley P2 as shown below. If a1

What does a magnet attract

What does a magnet attract? Select one: a. Anything made of metal b. Aluminum foil c. Iron, steel, nickel and other magnets d. Some types of plasticsThe part of a magnet where

Derive the wavefunction for the particle

Consider a particle of mass m moving freely in a two dimensional rectangular box with impenetrable walls. The dimensions of the box are ax and ay. Derive the wavefunction fo


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