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Question - A circular flat plate of diameter 120 mm and thickness 10 mm is constructed from steel with E = 208 GN/m2 and v = 0.3. The plate is subjected to a uniform pressure of 5 MN/m2 on one side only. If the plate is clamped at the edges determine:

(a) the maximum deflection;

(b) the position and magnitude of the maximum radial stress.

What percentage change in the results will be obtained if the edge conditions are changed such that the plate can be assumed to be freely supported?

Reference no: EM131122749

Describe the operation of this modified resolver

Describe the operation of this modified resolver and explain how this device could be used to measure angular motions continuously. Compare this device with a conventional r

Calculate the fugacity of liquid hydrogen sulphide

Calculate the fugacity of liquid hydrogen sulphide in contact with its saturated vapor at 25.5C and 20 bars. The vapor pressure of pure water at 310.6 K is 6.455 kPa. Compute

Heat engine operating on the carnot cycle

A heat engine operating on the Carnot cycle has an efficiency of 65%. The waste heat from the cycle is rejected to the atmosphere at 20 deg. C. at a rate of 250 kW. What is th

Assume a labor rate and burden rate

Assume a labor rate of $50.00/hr and a burden rate of $25/hr.   Assume a surface speed of 2000 ft/min. The number of teeth on the cutter is 4. The feed is 0.005 in/tooth.  The

Problem regarding the saturated vapor

An ideal vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, with ammonia as the working fluid, has an evaporator temperature of  2208C and a condenser pressure of 12 bar. Saturated vapo

Determine the largest value of counterweight q

The load carrying capacity of the frame of Prob. 4.11 can be increased by placing a counterweight Q at point D as shown. The resultant moment about point A due to the cable

Identify the design variables-geometric-strength constraints

A helical compression spring made from hard drawn wire needs to be designed to fit inside a 50mm cylindrical cavity and there must be enough space inside the coils for a 20mm

Coefficient of friction at the tool and chip interface

A cutting tool (0.250in wide, rake angle 5 degrees) is used to machine in orthogonal mode. the depth of cut is 0.010in and the chip thickness is 0.027in. Calculate the shear a


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