Determine the magnitudes of force

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The beam is to be hoisted using two chains. Determine the magnitudes of force and acting on each chain in order to develop a resultant force of 500 directed along the positive axis. Set = 41

Reference no: EM13211223

Compute the quantity of flow

using darcy's law compute the quantity of flow, seepage velocity and contaminant loading of the river. ground water is flowing through unconfined uniform 3m thick sand aquif

Determine the design speed of the curve

an equal-tangent sag vertical curve is designed with the PVC AT STation 109 + 00 and elevation 950 ft, the PVI at station 110 + 77 and elevation 947.34ft,and the low point a

Find the value of k

time(in months) after a computer of brand is sold and needed repair is normally distributed with mean 36 months and standard deviation 4 month. if 1% of the super computer n

Determine the moment of the force about point b

A force, 90 N in magnitude, is applied to control rod AB as shown. Knowing that the length of the rod is 225 mm, determine the moment of the force about point B by resolving

Calculate the coefficient of permeability

The temperature was 200C, and the void ratio (e) of the soil was 0.43. Calculate the "Coefficient of Permeability" in "centimeters per second" (Given, k = (QL)÷(A Δh t)).

What average force was exerted on the ball

After falling from rest from a height of 32 m, a 0.45 kg ball rebounds upward, reaching a height of 22 m. If the contact between ball and ground lasted 1.5 ms, what average

What size square conduit is needed to transport

A 30mm pipe X 460mm rectangular duct carries air. What size square conduit is needed to transport 4m cube per sec of water at a distance of 45m and head loss of of 1.08m.

What is the original estimated duration of the project

The initial schedule called for 500 feet of pipeline to be installed each week, with the total construction cost projected to be $25 million. After 8 weeks, 4750' of pipelin


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