Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of spacecraft

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Q. A 70.0-kg astronaut pushes to the left on a spacecraft with a force F in "gravity-free" space. The spacecraft has a total mass of 1.0 × 104 kg. During the push, the astronaut accelerates to the right with an acceleration of 0.36 m/s2. Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the spacecraft.

Q. A total electric charge of 4.50 nC is distributed uniformly over the surface of a metal sphere with a radius of 22.0 cm. The potential is zero at a point at infinity. Find the value of the potential at 45.0 cm from the center of the sphere.

Reference no: EM1355060

Find the speed of the ball immediately after rebounding

A ball having a mass of 170 g strikes a wall with a speed of 5.0 m/s and rebounds with only 50% of its initial kinetic energy. find the speed of the ball immediately after reb

What is the magnitude of the change in the magnetic flux

A rectangular loop of wire is moving toward the bottom of the page by a speed of 0.019 m/s (see the drawing). The loop is leaving a region in which a 2.2 T magnetic field exis

What is its volume in cubic meters

The Golden Jubilee, the largest cut diamond in the world, has the mass of 545.67 carats (1 carat = 200. mg). The density of diamaond is 3.51 g/cm^3. Answer questions below u

Spherical shell carries charge by a uniform density

A particle with a charge of -60.0 nC is placed at the center of a non conducting spherical shell of inner radius 20.0cm and outer radius 25.0cm. The spherical shell carries ch

How much useful work does the climber do

Assume that a mountain climber uses oxygen and does work at twice the rate for climbing 116 stairs/mm (1.96 L/min, 685 W), because of low air temperature and winds. Calculat

How a person who weighs is squatting on a scale

a person who weighs 800 N is squatting on a scale. Suddenly he stars jumping, extending his legs as quickly as possible, so that he can ump into the air. as the person is in

Calculate coefficient of kinetic friction between box-floor

An 70 box of oranges is being pushed across a horizontal floor. As it moves, it is slowing at a constant rate of 0.90 each second. The push force has a horizontal component of

What is the angular acceleration of the drive

a hard drive is turned on from rest and accelerates to 5100rpm rpm in 5.14 s. The drive then maintains this rate of rotation for 164s at which point it is turned off and slo


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