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Consider a small town in the Phillippines, where the average weight of people is 55 kg, and the average lifespan is 60 years. The people here eat lots of fish due to abundant availability from the local river. The river bed contains 0.0685% Calcium Arsenite Ca3(AsO3)2. The local industries also discharge various salts of cadmium in the river; the concentration of cadmium in water is 30 ppb (parts per billion) and the BCF of cadmium is 1000 L/kg and that of As is 0.00. The potency factor of Arsenic and Cadmium are 17.5 and 56.4 (mg/k-day)^-1. The Ksp of Calcium Arsenite is 4.93 x 10^-15. Consider each person drinks 1.8 L of water per day and eats 75 g of fish per day, 5 days a week. Determine the lifetime risk of a resident.

Reference no: EM13561569

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