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KFS has two divisions. Both have current sales of $1, 000, current expected growth of 5%, and a WACC of 10%. Division A has high profitability (OP = 6%) but high capital requirements (CR = 78%). Division B has low profitability (op = 4%) but low capital requirements (CR = 27%). Given growth rate of 5%, determine the intrinsic MVA of each division. What is the intrinsic MVA of each division if growth is instead 6%?

Reference no: EM13126223

Calculate the present worth of future cash flow

How long will this product be profitable?  All the above estimates are in constant value dollars so that inflation has been accounted for.  If the interest rate is 12%, what

Method for determining auto expenses

18. LO.2 Lara uses the standard mileage method for determining auto expenses. Dur- ing 2015, she used her car as follows: 9,000 miles for business, 2,000 miles for personal

Part of successful teamwork within organizations

Conflict Resolution will always be part of successful teamwork within organizations. In order for Conflict Resolution to be successful, it is required to have efficient and

What was the earnings per share

For 2010, stoneland corporation reported net income, 24,000; net sales 400,000; and average shares outstanding, 6,000. there werte no preferred stock dividends. What was the

Elements of affirmative action

Prepare a 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the elements of affirmative action as it applies to private sector employers and how it interacts with Title VII req

Amount reported for the operating expenses

During 2010, Burlington Company incurred operating expenses amounting to $600,000, of which $550,000 was paid in cash; the balance will be paid in January 2011. On the 2010

Committee for madoff securities in regard to the discovery

Analyze the role of the audit committee for Madoff Securities in regard to the discovery of Ponzi scheme, and suggest one (1) action the audit committee could have taken in

Does warranty accrual decision create any ethical dilemma

Does warranty accrual decision create any ethical dilemma for Bly and since warranty expenses vary, what % do you think Bly could select for the current year? Justify your res


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