Determine the inlet and exit velocities of the air

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1. Air enters a pipe at 65°C and 200 kPa and leaves at 60°C and 175 kPa. It is estimated that heat is lost from the pipe in the amount of 3.3 kJ per kg of air flowing in the pipe. The diameter ratio for the pipe is D1/D2 = 1.4. Using constant specific heats for air, determine the inlet and exit velocities of the air.

2. Steam enters a nozzle with a low velocity at 150°C and 200 kPa, and leaves as a saturated vapor at 75 kPa. There is a heat transfer from the nozzle to the surroundings in the amount of 26 kJ for every kilogram of steam flowing through the nozzle. Determine

(a) the exit velocity of the steam and

(b) the mass flow rate of the steam at the nozzle entrance if the nozzle exit area is 0.001 m2 .

Reference no: EM131276353

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