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Assessment Task 1

Assessment Description

Part 1: Research planning requirements

In this activity you will commence the process of human resource planning by conducting research about the human resource requirements. This will be a Group Assessment and students are required to research and find a company on their own. You have been employed as a Human Resources Manager for, "your choice of company", you will need to ensure that the human resource requirements for "your choice of company" are fulfilled. You should be planning ahead for at least the next 12 months.

- You will need to access your organisation's strategic and operational plans, human resource management system and current human resource strategic plans.

- You will also need to gather information about the organisation's operations, factors impacting on operations, strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities.

- You will need to have access to staff across the organisation to assist with your research on planning requirements.

Part 1 Assessment Requirements

a) Source a Strategic Planning documentation of "your choice of company" (by searching on the internet (e.g Woolworths limited/ Coles), Then together with your team analyse the strategic plan. Then clarify the chosen company strategic direction, objectives and targets. This is to be for at least the next 12 months.

b) With your team determine the human resource strategic direction, objectives and targets. Then summarise and explain how they relate to the organisation's strategic plans.

c) Source information regarding:
- The environment in which the organisation operates,
- Recent or potential changes to industrial or legal requirements
- The impact of new technology on job roles and job design and together with your team, analyse this information to identify emerging practices and trends that may impact on human resource management in the organisation.
- Document your analysis process and explain why this approach was taken.
- Explain the importance of these directions in the context of emerging trends, and labour market considerations

d) Select aspects of your analysis that will be addressed in your human resources strategic plan and describe the future labour needs. Then what are the options for sourcing labour supply that relate to these strategic directions.

Part 2: Develop Human Resources Strategic Plan

In this activity you will be required to consult with managers in your organisation to discuss the findings from Part 1. This will help you prepare for writing the human resources strategic plan.

Part 2 Assessment Requirements

a) Consult with the managers in the organisation to discuss their human resource preferences, human resources philosophies, values and policies as adopted by the organisation. (This should be presented by creating a Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes documentation)

b) Formulate your strategic objectives, documenting any assumptions you have made and taking into account environmental factors.

c) With your group you should examine what options are available for provision of human resources services. Provide a cost benefit analysis of each option. (At least 2 Service to be selected)

d) Identify and recommend any technology that might also be required to support human resources programs and activities.

e) Develop a risk management plan to support your strategic human resource plan.

f) Outline the process you would follow to implement your strategic human resources plan.

Assessment Task 2

Assessment Instructions

Prepare and deliver a 10 min Group Project Presentation summary covering Part 1 and 2 of Assessment Task 1 "your choice of Company" to key stakeholders including: senior managers or department heads to report on;

Key Requirements

• Identified human resources strategic directions
• Objectives and targets.
• describes the key aspects of the human resource plan
• Associated risk management plan
• Explain how the group presentation fulfils aspects of your implementation plan.
• Describe how you will evaluate and review performance against the objectives specified in the strategic plan.

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Verified Expert

The project deals with the study of the process of risk management in the projects undertaken by the human resource managers and the strategic plannings adopted by the organizations, in order to recruit the most capable employees for the job, so that it becomes easier to achieve the organizational goals. The risk assessment and the implementation plans have been constructed herewith, in order to render a clear idea of the necessary processes.

Reference no: EM132191335

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