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During the 4-day planning period of a hospital it is know that 30, 25, and 20 patients will require 1-, 2-, or 3-day stays, respectively. However, the beds available during the same period are estimated at 20, 30, 30 and 30. Use goal programming to determine the hospital schedule such that over admission is minimized. 

Reference no: EM131124545

Each system component has a backup with a probability

Each system component has a backup with a probability of .90 and a switch that is 100 percent reliable. Backups with .90 probability and a switch that is 99 percent reliable.

Outlined clear performance expectations

Assuming you worked for a company that had outlined clear performance expectations. What would you do as a manager to provide feedback to employees throughout the year on thei

How a structured process such as six sigma methodology

Explain in detail why data analysis skills are so important to Data Analysis Skills and Thinking. Describe how a structured process such as Six Sigma methodology (Chapter 4)

Create a source selection matrix

Create a source selection matrix and use it to select the optimal supplier. Address each of the following: Identify a real or hypothetical project (like a project to resurfac

What reorder level will guarantee

Suppose lead time takes between 1 and 10 days, with each lead time equally likely (e.g. there is a 10% chance lead time is 1 day, a 10% chance lead time is 2 days, etc.) If da

Is the process still in control

Twenty-five random samples of n = 6 were taken in a control chart application and it was found that the grand average is = 5.240 cm and = 0.0026. Set up and R control charts f

Inventory-decision analysis and multi-criteria decisions

Pick any two topics covered in the course and apply real world examples and applications of these topics. You do not need to show the calculations as much as discuss how that

Discuss wal mart strategic social challenges

Discuss Wal-Mart's strategic social challenges from the standpoint of Bonini, Sheila M. J.; Mendonca, Lenny T.; Oppenheim, Jeremy M. When social issues become strategic.


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