Determine the force it exerts on the path when it arrives

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A 2-kg block slides on the smooth circular path (Quadrant One of full circle, block moving left to right). If it is released from rest when theta=0 degrees, determine the force it exerts on the path when it arrives at Point A (Located theta=30 degrees measured from vertical axis. Radius of quarter circle: R=2m

a) Solve using F=ma (vertical)

b) Solve using CME (Work-Energy)

Reference no: EM13562597

Find mu and vu for the beam in a rectangular concrete

The beam is simply supported and spans 25 feet. The beam must be designed for a superimposed uniformly distributed dead load of 1 kip/ft, and a concentrated live load of 12

Aerotron electronics is considering purchasing a water filtr

Aerotron Electronics is considering purchasing a water filtration system to assist in circuit board manufacturing. The system costs $40,000. It has an expected life of 7 years

Determine the minimum force p to prevent a 30kg rod ab from

Determine the minimum force P to prevent a 30kg rod AB from sliding on a wall. The contact surface at B is smooth, whereas the coefficient of static friction between the rod a

Determine the normal and shear stresses

The grains of wood in the board make an angle of 20 degrees with the horizontal as shown. Determine the normal and shear stresses that act perpendicular and parallel to the

Determine the actual concentration for both pollutants

An industrial off gas steam must be treated for both particulates and SOx. The gas is at 1500 degrees F and 1.5 atm of pressure containing 80 mg/cubis meter of particulates an

Esimating the capacity of the roadway

Given s=.30/(60-u), where s is the spacing (space headway) in miles, and u is the speed in miles per hour, derive the relationships u-k, u-q, and q-k. Also, estmate the capa

Find the steady-state concentration to be completely mixed

Suppose an air pollutant with rate constant k= 0.20/hr is emitted into the box at a total rate of 10.0 kg/s. Find the steady-state concentration if the air is assumed to be

Determine the magnitudes of force

The beam is to be hoisted using two chains. Determine the magnitudes of force and acting on each chain in order to develop a resultant force of 500 directed along the positi


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