Determine the flow in the great snake river

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The confluence of the Red River and 5 Mile Creek forms the Great Snake River. At the confluence, the Red River has a flow rate of 540ft3/s, while 5 Mile Creek has a flow rate of 325ft3/s. The Red River contains two contaminants of concern – sulfate at 200 mg/L and chloride at 800 mg/L. Five Mile Creek contains only sulfate at 300mg/L. Determine the Great Snake River exceeds the drinking water standard for either chloride or sulfate (both standards are set to 250mg/L).

a. Draw a figure for the problem.

b. Determine the flow in the Great Snake River (in ft3/s).

c. Determine the concentration of sulfate in the Great Snake River (in mg/L).

d. Determine the concentration of chloride in the Great Snake River (in mg/L).

Reference no: EM13293549

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