Determine the final temperature and mass of the air

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Submarines change their depth by adding or removing air from rigid ballast tanks, thereby displacing seawater in the tanks. Consider a submarine that has a 700m3 air-ballast tank originally partially filled with 100m3 of air at 1500 kPa and 15oC. For the submarine to surface, air at 1500 kPa and 20oC is pumped into the ballast tank, until it is entirely filled with air. The tank is filled so quickly that the process is adiabatic and the seawater leaves the tank at 15oC. Determine the final temperature and mass of the air in the ballast tank.

Reference no: EM13322860

Determine shear stress at each wall and max shear stress

The velocity distribution for the flow of oil (SAE 20W) at 150 degrees between two plates is given by y(y-4) mm/s, where y is measured in mm and the space between the plates

What is the design storage and water surface elevation

What is the design storage and water surface elevation at the peak outflow rate and estimate the long-term average reduction (EPA, 1986) in particulates under dynamic conditi

Design the ramp for the highest horizontal curve

The entrance to Mt. Hood Meadows (elevation 3,075 ft at the point of crossing) is grade separated from Viking highway (elevation 3,050 ft at the point of crossing) and will

What is hydraulic residence time for activated sludge tank

A wastewater treatment plant uses an activated sludge process for secondary treatment of 0.300 cubic meters / second of primary effluent. The mixed liquor has a concentratio

Determine the moment of the l6-n force about point b

A foot valve for a pneumatic systemis hinged at B. Knowing that a=28degrees, determine the moment of the l6-N force about point B by resolving the force into horizontal and

What is the probability of a water shortage in this city

During the next month, the amount of water available for a city is lognormally distributed with a mean of 1 million gallons and a c.o.v. of 40%, where as the total demand is e

Calculate the heat transfer required to do this

A rigid 1ft^3 vessel contains R-134a originally at -20F and 27.7% quality. The refrigerant is then heated until its temperature is 100F. Calculate the heat transfer required t

Develop the observation equations for adjusting this network

A network of differential levels is run from existing benchmark Juniper through new stations A and B to existing benchmarks Red and Rock as shown in the accompanying figure.


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