Determine the entrance losses after 36 hours of pumping

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A 40 cm diameter well has been constructed in a water-table aquifer. A pump capable of continuous discharge at 600 m3/day has been installed to test the well. Observation wells are located 10 meter and 50 meters from the pumped well. After pumping continuously for 36 hours the drawdowns were 3.6 meters and 1.20 meters respectively. At this time the drawdown in the pumping well was 8 meters. Determine the entrance losses, if any, after 36 hours of pumping.

Reference no: EM13324115

Find the load p and stress in the aluminum for the stress

The column is composed of two materials, the inner is brass with a diameter of 100mm and the outer is aluminum with a diameter of 150mm. A rigid flat plate is placed on top

Determine what is the optimal size of the reservoir

You have been asked to estimate the optimal size of a small reservoir that is being constructed near Atlanta. Knowing that water is a scarce commodity, you have decided to a

Reduce the concentration in the lake below

Creek A has been identified as the easiest to control. What would the P concentration have to be reduced to in Creek A, in order to reduce the concentration in the lake below

Determine the reaction at d when w = 100 lb

Beam AD carries the two 40-lb loads shown. The beam is held by a fixed support at D and by the cable BE that is attached to the counterweight W. Determine the reaction at D

Express the corresponding force on point b as a vector

The 70-m microwave transmission tower is steadied by three guy cables as shown. Cable AB carries a tension of 12 kN. Express the corresponding force on point B as a vector

Find the required fraction of extraction flow in the turbine

An open FWH receives steam at 1 MPa, 200?C from the turbine and 1 MPa, 100?C water from the feed water line. Find the required fraction of the extraction flow in the turbine

How to examine the effect of the change in p50

The shift in the oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve with pH and PCO2 provides more oxygen available to tissues. As an example, consider the oxygen uptake by muscle tissue.

Calculate the minimum reflux ratio required with a feed

A continuous distillation column containing plates is required to distil a 46% w/w ethanol (C2H5OH) in water solution. The overhead product must contain 91 % w/w ethanol and


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