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"Other Costs" Please respond to the following:

•Determine the differences between overhead costs and G & A costs in the production of VectorCal's navigation systems overall. Analyze the role that each of these types of costs plays in the long-term production of VectorCal's navigation systems. Justify your analysis.
•Predict VectorCal's direct labor cost, direct material cost, overhead costs, and G&A costs related to production. Next, from the second e-Activity, provide two to three(2-3) examples of companies with the same cost structure that you predicted for VectorCal. Speculate on what the cost structure of the existing companies bodes for the future of VectorCal.

Reference no: EM13716090

Internal economies of scale

Discuss the following question: - In the real world, internal economies of scale exist in many industries. However, firms in those industries still prefer to have production

What is the break even point output in units

Impact on any developing country's economy and its special characteristics - Describe analyse the fundamental tasks of management in your opinion and provide an example of eac

How business ethics is managed within that sector

Discuss major challenges, relating to business ethics, facing the sector. You are expected to focus briefly on the following issues:-  ethical issues facing the sector - sus

Find the cost and schedule variances

A sales project at mon5 had an actual cost of $34,000, a planned cost of $42,000, and a value completed of $39,000. Find the cost and schedule variances and the CPI and SPI.

Find out the specific objectives of the training program

After evaluating the employees' performance, it was determined which employees are not doing a good job in consumer service when comparing their actual behaviour and attitud

Leadership - motivating employees

Leadership: Motivating Employees - Why might bosses also need praise and what potential benefits can come for the boss and the employee from this type of praise?

Potential costs of adopting a free trade regime

What are the potential costs of adopting a free trade regime? What do you think governments should do to reduce these costs? Please discuss the cultural motives for restrictin

Effectiveness of a poverty alleviation program

1. Explain precisely how and why the moral hazard may arise in rural land contract in developing countries. 2. In order to know the effectiveness of a poverty alleviation prog


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