Determine the diameter in meters of the exit pipes

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Steam at 100 bars and 550°C enters a turbine operating in steady-state with a volumetric flow rate of 460 m^3/min. 22% of the entering mass flow exits the turbine at 10 bars, 200°C and a velocity of 20 m/s. The rest exits at a different location at 0.10 bars, a quality of 85%, and a velocity of 500 m/s. Assuming circular cross section pipes, determine the diameter in meters of the exit pipes.

Reference no: EM13317023

Compute the disclosure and elevation of a

Reciprocal leveling gives the following readings in feet from a setup near A: on A, 2.071; on B, 8.254, 8.259 and 8.257. At the setup near B: on B, 9.112; on A, 2.926, 2.930

How many identical reactors does sony music company require

The plant currently has one CMFR for removal of chromium. How many more identical reactors does the sony music company require to meet the regulatory requirements for chromi

Compute the quantity of flow

using darcy's law compute the quantity of flow, seepage velocity and contaminant loading of the river. ground water is flowing through unconfined uniform 3m thick sand aquif

Calculate the differential pressure in psi

A U-tube manometer contains a special bromine fluid having a specific gravity of 2.95, and is used to measure a differential pressure in a water system. Calculate the differ

Determine the period of vibration and the maximum

A 30 lb uniform cylinder can roll without sliding on a 15 degree incline. A belt is attached to the rim of the cylinder, and a spring holds the cylinder at rest. If the center

Calculate the area of a circular tract of land which has

Calculate the area of a circular tract of land which has a radius of 30 meters using the mathematical formula, Trapezoidal Rule, and Simpson’s Rule. Compare your results. Use

Relevant materials properties

Whisker filaments of SiC that are 5 μm thick are coated withan aluminum alloy using a chemical bonding process. The coating process is carried out at 650 oC before the sample

Calculate the rate of removal and the rate constant

A toxic compound being is removed from solution in a CSTR at Steady State according to a first order reaction rate. The upstream concentration of the pollutant is 14 mg/L an


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