Determine the degree of operating leverage for level of sale

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Finance: Break-even point, Operating Leverage


The Poseidon Swim Company produces swim trunks. The average selling price for one of their swim trunks is $72.06. The variable cost per unit is $26.73. Poseidon Swim has average fixed costs per year of $7,824. Determine the degree of operating leverage for the level of production and sales 351 swim trunks. Round the answer to two decimal places.

Reference no: EM131406150

What is the implied treasury bond rate

Looking at The Wall Street Journal you observe that the settlement price on a hypothetical 15-year, semiannual payment, 6% coupon bond is 81-21. If the bond has a $1,000 par

What will be jb wacc

Suppose that JB Cos. has a capital structure of 70 percent equity, 30 percent debt, and that its before-tax cost of debt is 11 percent while its cost of equity is 15 percent

Pre-tax annual cost of debt

The bond carries an annual coupon payment of 12% of the face value which is paid in two semiannual payments. The bond will mature in 15 years and it's face value is $1000. W

What is the annualized return

Assume the new investor then sells the 420 shares. What is his profit? What is the annualized return? The fund sells 800 shares of stock 4 to raise the needed funds. Assume 25

Information about annual withdrawal

A client has recently deposited $20,000 in savings account which pays 8% interest compounded annually. How much may he withdraw at end of each year?

What is the nominal interest rate for this credit card

A department store has offered you a credit card that charges interest at 1.65% per month compounded monthly. what is the nominal interest (annual percentage) rate for this

Taxpayers comply with the new tax code

The local operations manager for the IRS must decide whether to hire 1, 2, or 3 temporary workers. He estimates that net revenues (in thousands) will vary with how well taxp

What was the openint on the contract expiring in march 2013

Suppose you sell the December futures contract, and one day later the Chicago Board of Trade informs you that it has credited funds to your margin account. What happened to


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