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Question: A broth contains bacterial cells at a concentration on 10^5 cells per milliliter.  You dilute this broth by removing 1ml and adding it to 9ml.  You then remove 0.1ml from this diluted tube and add it to 9.9ml of media.  What is the concentration of bacteria in BOTH of your dilutions?

Reference no: EM1384041

What is the original source of the energy

What is the original source of the energy? How is energy transferred within living systems? You may answer in written text and/or by drawing and labeling a diagram of a gener

Heterozygous for a recessiveblue eyed gene

What is the probability that a family of five children will consistof a blue, a brown, a blue, a blue and a brown -eyed child in thisorder. Assume the parents are those in p

What are some advantages of developing a model

Based on what you have learned from this problem set, and your studies in General Ecology to date this semester, what is a benefit of developing models in ecological studies

Why were urine and blood cultures also collected

What laboratory test are useful in differentiating these organisms and identifying the pathogens? List at least two tests and be sure to include expected reactions for each

How many calories are from fat per serving

How many calories are from fat per serving? Calculate the percentage of the total calories per serving that come from total fat? How many grams of total fat would a person con

How the possible allelic combinations for this gene

In ward's Ap biology lab 7 (the drosophila lab) describe the parental cross you received; use genetic symbols. Depict a punnett square to show how the possible allelic combina

Facilitate the change needed to succeed in serving

After reviewing the material for the week what features to the GDD culture would you add or seek to improve to facilitate the change needed to succeed in serving the client'

What is the relationship between the brca1/brca2 mutations

What is the relationship between the BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations and breast cancer? If a woman has one of these mutations, should she opt for preventative mastectomy? Provide an a


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