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At the beginning of an effective red, vehicles are arriving at an approach at the rate of 500 veh/h and 16 vehicles are left in the queue from the previous cycle (at the end of the previous cycle's effective green). However, due to the end of a major sporting event, the arrival rate is continuously increasing at a constant rate of 200 veh/h/min (after 1 minute the arrival rate will be 700 veh/h, after 2 minutes 900 veh/h, etc.).

The saturation flow rate of the approach is 1800 veh/h, the cycle length is 60 seconds, and the effective green time is 40 seconds. Determine the total vehicle delay until complete queue clearance. (Assume D/D/1 queuing.)

Reference no: EM131142221

Assignment on tetracycline

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Determine the von mises distribution in the plate

The plate is uniformly loaded from the bottom surface with a pressure load of 15 kN/m2. Elastic modulus is E = 210 x 109 N/m2 and Poisson's ratio is v = 0.33. Determine the vo

What is the output frequency of q-one in the given circuit

ECET-230: What is the output frequency of Q1 in the circuit shown below? A synchronous binary counter is used to divide a 1 MHz input frequency to 3.90625 kHz. What is the M

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Complete the chart by adjusting the values of frequency and measuring Ic and Vc using the Agilent Multi-meter and then from these values calculating the value of Xc in the l

How biometrics is used in the medical field

Biometrics is the science of using one or more unique physical characteristics or behavioral traits to identify and verify individuals. The best-known biometric identificati

Determine the value of k to place the poles

ECE 456 - Embedded Control and Mechatronics Homework. Determine the value of K to place the poles of the closed-loop system at -0.2 ± j0.2 and -5. Compute the value of G asso

Horizontal and vertical components

The airstroke actuator at D is used to apply a force of F = 200 N on the member at B. Determine the horizontal and vertical components of reaction at the pin A and the force

How is problem of ghg emissions represented in victorian

How is the Problem of GHG emissions represented in Victorian transport policy - present the philosophical approach(es) and knowledge frameworks which have best assisted you to


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