Determine the coefficient of statics friction of hawser

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a hawser is wrapped two full times around a bollard. by exerting an 80 pound force on the free end of the hawser a dockworker can resist a force of 5000 on the other end of the hawser. Determine the (a) the coefficient of statics friction between the hawser and the bollard. (b) the number of times the hawser should be wrapped around the bollard if a 20000 pound force is to be resisted by the same 80 pound force

Reference no: EM13317608

Determine location of the instantaneous center of rotation

The center of gravity G of the 20-in. club is located 12 in. from the knob. knowing that at the instant, G has a velocity of 4 ft/s upwards and the club has an angular veloc

Explore how cycle efficiency varies within solution space

The low pressure steam must be condensed and pumped back to called the Rankine Cycle. we will explore the effects of pressure and temperature on the plant efficiency and tak

Determine the design wind pressures for the building

CVE80008 Building Design Assignment: Design of glazing facades. Determine the design wind pressures (for both strength and serviceability) for the building giving all assumpt

What type of exercise takes place in a classroom

What type of exercise takes place in a classroom setting arranged to look like an emergency operations center or in an actual emergency operations center, and involves simul

What will the concentration of megachlor be in four years

Magachlor is present in a lake having a volume of 20,000,000m3 that is used for drinking water. This waterbody can be considered well mixed. Megachlor can beconsidered a conse

What is the six-month futures price

The risk-free rate of interest is 7/8 per annum with continuous compounding, and the dividend yield on a stock index is 3.2% per annum. The current value of the index is 150

Prtoblem on uniform decelerated motion

Assuming uniformly decelerated motion, determine the velocity and acceleration of point C of the belt, (a) immediately before the power is turned off. (b) 9 s later.

Find the steady-state concentration of pollution in the lake

A lake with constant volume 10X10^6 m^3 is fed by a pollution-free stream with flow rate 50 m^3/s. A factory dumps 5m^3/s of a neoconservative waste with concentration 100 m


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