Determine the coefficient of statics friction of hawser

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a hawser is wrapped two full times around a bollard. by exerting an 80 pound force on the free end of the hawser a dockworker can resist a force of 5000 on the other end of the hawser. Determine the (a) the coefficient of statics friction between the hawser and the bollard. (b) the number of times the hawser should be wrapped around the bollard if a 20000 pound force is to be resisted by the same 80 pound force

Reference no: EM13317608

What is the diameter of the hole in the aluminum plate

A hole is drilled in an aluminum plate with a steel drill bit whose diameter is 6.245 cm at 20 degrees Celsius. In the process of drilling, the temperatures of the drill bit

Would you support this proposal

It is proposed to use water instead of refrigerant- 134a as the working fluid in air-conditioning applications where the minimum temperature never falls below the freezing p

Determine which motor should be installed based on the pw

At the end of 15 years, the first motor will have a salvage value of $50 and the second motor will have a salvage value of $100. consider the MARR to be 8%. (note : 1HP=0.74

Compute poissons ratio for material at modulus of elasticity

A cylindrical specimen of some alloy 50.26 mm2 in cross sectional area is stressed elastically in tension. A force of 1620 N produces a reduction in specimen diameter of 5 X

Determine the horizontal force p that must be applied

The wedge is used to level the member. Determine thehorizontal force P that must be applied to move the wedge to theright. The coefficient of static friction between the wedge

How long would lake take to reduce h2s concentration form

Lake silbersee is located in the German city of Nuernberg. The lak's water quality has been diminishedbecause of high hydrogen sulfide concentrations that originate froma ne

Determine what is the illumination on the note pad

A supervisor is sitting at her desk illuminated by a 180 candela source 3 feet above it. She is writing with green ink (reflectance=30%) on a yellow note pad (reflectance=60

What are the total delay and the average delay per vehicle

Assuming D/D/1 queuing, when does the initial queue clear and what are the total delay, the average delay per vehicle, longest queue length (in vehicles), and the wait time


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