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Please answer these simple five questions on fabrication engineering at the micro and nanoscale.

1- Air pressure decreases as altitude increases. At 18,000 ft above mean sea level, the atmospheric pressure is about half of what it is at sea level (i.e.,760 torr). The temperature also decreases by about 70 C. Does this change the speed distribution of the air molecules? Does it change the mean free path? How much does each change?

2- Why are entrainment pumps generally not used in processing with toxic gases?

3- It is possible to determine the chemical composition of a plasma by measuring the optical emission spectrum (i.e., optical intensity as a function of wavelength). Explain why.

4- Referring to High Density Plasma, if a process relies on ion bombardment of the wafers, would you want to put the wafers on the electrode connected to the chamber walls or on the electrode that is isolated from the chamber walls?

5- For a certain process, the maximum allowable pressure is 0.20 torr. If a D65 rotary vane pump is used and conductance losses in the vacuum system can be ignored; what is the maximum permissible inlet flow in standard cubic centimeters per minute?

Reference no: EM131157106

Estimate the precision of result by the within set variance

By a two-way analysis of variance determine whether the variance between the reactors and between the temperatures is highly significant (0.01 probability level). Even thoug

Compile a table of all the key characteristics

Also compile a table of all the key characteristics, similar to Table 8-1, but include gas generator flows and key materials. Make estimates or assumptions for any key data

What is the temperature and pressure at that point

A closed rigid vessel that contains a pure fluid is heated until the contents become saturated liquid. Determine whether the initial state is superheated vapor, compressed l

Determining the conversion of the reactant

If the feed quality is changed to 80 mol% vapour, the change in the slope of the q-line isA homogeneous reaction (R ® P) occurs in a batch reactor. The conversion of the rea

Aqueous solution of potassium iodide

You add an aqueous solution of lead nitrate to an aqueous solution of potassium iodide. Draw highly magnified views of each solution individually, and the mixed solution inc

What is the change in internal energy during this process

200 kJ of heat is added under constant pressure to 1 kg of steam initially at 30 bar, 400 °C. What is the final temperature? What is the change in internal energy during this

Two stage continuous stirred reactor solution

For the consecutive reaction , A----K1(B-K2--(C, numerical values are K1 = 0.85 hr^-1, K2 = 0.13 hr^-1, Cao = 64 kg -mole /m3 and Cbo = Cco =0 . what is the maximum concentr

Corresponding number of actual plates

A continuous distillation unit, consisting of a perforated-tray column together with a partial reboiler and a total condenser, is to be designed to operate at atmospheric pr


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