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Exxon, whose global sales are generally dollar denominated, finds it has excess cash of $10,500,000,000, which it can invest for up to three years. It has determined that its best options are either a three-year Euro-dollar ($) deposit paying 2.75% or a three-year Swiss Franc denominated deposit paying 1.65% since it expects the SF to appreciate 1.1% per annum against the dollar over the next three years. Using cash flow analysis determine the best currency option in which Exxon should invest. Be sure to show your complete calculations of the annual return on each investment at the end of the three-year term. Assume that the annual interest amount is reinvested, i.e. compounds, at the same annual interest rate. Would your answer change if Exxon revised its outlook for the SF to appreciate 1.2% per year? Show all calculations!!!

Reference no: EM13283674

Determine the monthly payment for a sixty month truck loan

Determine the monthly payment for a sixty-month truck loan with an annual percentage rate of 11% and an initial principal of $17,000. How much interest is paid over the life o

What would happen to us exports of industrial machinery

Explain what would happen to U.S. exports of industrial machinery to France and U.S. imports of grapes from France as a result of the exchange rate change from 2011 to 2012.

Find current futures price for next available contract month

Determine the current futures price for the next available contract month. What would your profit or loss be if you bought one contract today, and the Dow Jones Industrial A

What is the coupon rate on bond

Moonbeam, Inc. has a bond issue outstanding with a face value of $1,000 trading at $988.52. It makes a semiannual coupon payment, has a YTM of 6.31%, and will mature in 8.56

What conditions for the population and the study design

What conditions for the population and the study design are required by the procedure you used in (a)? Which of these conditions are important for the validity of the procedur

The amount the asset is carried at in the accounting record

A company disposes of equipment that it no longer uses in its business. The amount received by the company is more than the amount the asset is carried at in the accounting re

Calculate the expected return

Calculate the expected return over the 4-year period for each of the three alternatives. Calculate the standard deviation of returns over the 4-year period for each of the thr

Find the discounted payback period for each project

Assume that the two projects are mutually exclusive and the cost of capital is 5%. Which project or projects should the company undertake? Base your results on the MIRR.


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