Determine the area enclosed between the equations
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Q1. For the following questions i to iv, the matrices stated are:


i. Calculate the determinant of A.

ii. Calculate inverse of B.

iii. Calculate ad-joint of A.

iv. Calculate A X B.


Q1. Calculate the Conjugate and Polar form of the following complex numbers and represent them all on a single Argand diagram showing the values of Modulus and Angle.

a = 3 - 2j

b = -7 - 5j

c = -5 + 4j

d = 8 + j

e = -6j

Q2. Determine the area enclosed between the following equations using graphical presentation; where value of x ranges between -3 to 2:

y = x2 + 3

y = 7 - 3x

Q3. Plot a separate graph for the following polynomial equation from the values of x which lie in the range between x = -3 to x = 6. Determine trend line on the graph with liner relationship formula up to six decimal points.

y = x4 - √(3x2) + √(17x2) - √(x4) + 9

Q4. Prove the statement of: De Moivre's Theorem.

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