Determine the amount rex must include in gross income

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Rex, age 45, is an officer of Blue Company, which provides him with the following nondiscriminatory fringe benefits in 2011:

Hospitalization insurance premiums for Rex and his dependents. The cost of the coverage for Rex is $2,700 per year, and the additional cost for his dependants is $3,600 per year. The plan has a $2,000 deductible, but his employer contributed $1,500 to Rex' s HAS. Rex withdrew only $800 from the HAS, and the account earned $50 interest during the year.

Determine the amount Rex must include in gross income.

Reference no: EM13137432

Determining owner capital account

Also, owner withdrawals during 2009 totaled $48,000. Assuming no other changes to owner's capital, the balance in the owner's capital account at the end of 2009 would be:

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How much will a 10% increase in sales increase a firm's net operating income (NOI) and increase its net income (NI), if: its degree of operating leverage (DOL) = 2.0, and it


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