Determine speed discharge and power of model

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A model of a kaplan turbine, one tenth of the actual size is tested under a head of 5m when actual head for proto turbine is 8.5m, The power to be developed by prototype is 9000KW. When running at 120rpm at an overall efficiency of 85%, determine speed, discharge and power of model.

Reference no: EM131149115

Original theories of freud jung and adler

Discuss in the team forum your understanding of the term Neo-analytical, and how the new psychoanalysis approaches differ from the original theories of Freud, Jung, and Adle

What diagramming techniques use to fully explore risks

What risk identification techniques will you utilize, and why do you believe that these will work best for your Key Assignment project. What diagramming techniques will you u

What search engine or database might you use and why

Describe what sort of search you would conduct to help you in responding to this student and why. What search engine(s) or database(s) might you use and why? What search ter

What diversity issues are present in the case

What conflict management tools should Ralph use to address the perceived cultural bias issues with the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT)? What effect did promoting Roosevelt t

Conclude with a brief discussion of your data analysis plan

Discuss the differences between non-parametric and parametric tests. Provide an example of each and discuss when it is appropriate to use the test. Next, discuss the assumpt

Discuss the subject of supersonic flight

Discuss the subject of supersonic flight, both military and civilian. Why were supersonic bombers, such as the B-58 and the B-70, phased out, whereas the subsonic B-52 is sc

How such a sequence of precipitation might occur.

On a given day in the winter in St. Louis, Missouri it began snowing in the morning, the snow changed to rain by noon, later in the afternoon sleet was falling which turned to

Mattel confronts its marketing challenges

As a global leader in toy manufacturing and marketing, Mattel faces a number of potential threats to its ongoing operations. Like most firms that market products for children,


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