Determine ? so that the avg stress

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1.Determine θ so that the avg. stress in AC is twice thatof AD. What is the magnitude of stress in each rod? The diameter of each rod is as follows: AD 0.3in, AC 0.25in, AB0.35in

2.A distance of 72.55ft. is recorded. A steel tape is supported atthe ends with a tension of 15 lb. and weighting 0.016lb/ft2 . Find the distance corrected for sag.

Reference no: EM13532282

Determine the wattage of the fan-motor unit to be purchased

A fan is to be selected to ventilate a bathroom whose dimensions are 2 m x 3 m x 3 m. The air velocity is not to exceed 8 m/s to minimize vibration and noise. The combined e

Find what is the standard deviation for n equal to 40

Lines of levels were run requiring (n) instrument setups. If the road reading for each backsight and foresight has a standard deviation of +-0.005 ft what is the standard de

Draw force required for the operation

Bar stock of initial diameter = 90 mm is drawn with a draft = 15 mm. The draw die has an entrance angle = 18°, and the coefficient of friction at the work-die interface = 0.

How many gallons would be required to last same time as gas

A water treatment plant effluent is to be disinfected with chlorine from ton cylinders of compressed gas. The plant is 5 million gallons per day. There are a total of 10 use

Real value of savings

If inflation pushes the price level up by 10 percent, what will be the real value of your savings? What is the real value of your savings if the price level declines by 10 per

Determine what is the maximum water hammer pressure

0.5 m-diameter concrete pipe (5.0 cm rigid wall thickness with rigid pipe walls) carries water 600m before discharging into another reservoir. The surface elevation of the d

What size of corrugated-metal pipe culvert would be selected

A culvert under a road must be 35m long, have a slope of 0.0035 and carry 4m^3/s. The crown of the roadway is 4.2m above the culvert invert. Assume the outlet will discharge

Quartzite sample in a compression testing machine

A quartzite sample in a compression testing machine is 180mm long and 54mm in diameter. what is the stress under a load of 100kN? if the modulus of elasticity is 102kN/mm2,


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