Determine ? so that the avg stress

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1.Determine θ so that the avg. stress in AC is twice thatof AD. What is the magnitude of stress in each rod? The diameter of each rod is as follows: AD 0.3in, AC 0.25in, AB0.35in

2.A distance of 72.55ft. is recorded. A steel tape is supported atthe ends with a tension of 15 lb. and weighting 0.016lb/ft2 . Find the distance corrected for sag.

Reference no: EM13532282

How to generate an expression for velocity component

The x-component of a velocity field is ax+b.If the flow is steady, two-dimentional and incompressible; generate an expression for velocity component in the y-direction as a

Calculate what is the average velocity of the groundwater

The aquifer characteristics are: Ambient temperature=8 oC Hydraulic conductivity = 123 ft/day Hydraulic gradient = 0.00091 ft/ft Effective porosity = 0.31 Total organic carb

What is the voltage output of the thermopile

A thermopile is constructed of type N thermocouple wire having 10 junction pairs. One set of junctions is assembled and exposed to a temperature of 50?C while the other set

Explain how to calculate axial normal stresses

When a theoretical cutting plane is passed through an axially loaded prismatic bar, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bar, and one side is analyzed as a free-bod

Calculate steady state concentration of organic n into lake

Colette Lake has a surface area of 103 ha and a mean depth of 8 m. The pH of the water is 7.6. The lake receives surface water from a lake upstream, rainfall, and diffuse gr

What is the change in it internal energy

A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of 0.800 atm from 9.00L tp 2.00L. in the process, 400J of energy leave the gas by heat. (a) What is the work done on the gas? (b)

Determine the maximum shearing stress in shaft

Ends A and D of the two solid steel shafts AB and CD are fixed, while ends B and C are connected to gears. Knowing that a 4-kN(m) torque T is applied to gear B, determine th

Radioactive waste from a clinical laboratory

A radioactive waste from a clinical laboratory contains 0.2 μCi (microcuries) of calcium-45 (45Ca) per liter. The half-life of 45Ca is 152 days.


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