Determine ? so that the avg stress

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1.Determine θ so that the avg. stress in AC is twice thatof AD. What is the magnitude of stress in each rod? The diameter of each rod is as follows: AD 0.3in, AC 0.25in, AB0.35in

2.A distance of 72.55ft. is recorded. A steel tape is supported atthe ends with a tension of 15 lb. and weighting 0.016lb/ft2 . Find the distance corrected for sag.

Reference no: EM13532282

Determine what is the periodic table form of the c-s-h gel

The C-S-H gel can come in a variety of chemical structure forms. If it has a cement notation form of C3 S2 H8, what is the periodic table form of this C-S-H gel. What would

Calculate the linear misclosure and relative precision

Balance by the compass rule the departures and latitudes listed in the following closed-polygon traverse. Calculate the linear misclosure, relative precision, and adjusted l

How to create a convenient free station control point

On a busy construction site, most control stations are blocked from a proposed area of layout. Describe how to create a convenient free station control point using resection

Determine the magnitude of the reaction force exerted at b

When the engine of the plane is running, the vertical reaction that the ground exerts on the wheel at A is measured as 616lb . When the engine is turned off, however, the ve

Determine is there a chance that cavitation will occur

Temperature is 20°C. A constriction in the pipeline causes velocity to increase to 13 m/s within the constriction. Assuming that Bernoulli's equation applies (i.e. p + ½ ? v

Determine the force it exerts on the path when it arrives

A 2-kg block slides on the smooth circular path (Quadrant One of full circle, block moving left to right). If it is released from rest when theta=0 degrees, determine the forc

Determine the surface area of a 1m depth lagoon

A well mixed sewage lagoon is to be constructed to process 100,000 gallons per day of raw sewage. The pollutant concentration in the raw sewage to be discharged into the lag

Draw the bending moment diagram and shear force diagram

Use the concept of real work equivalence to compute the vertical deflection at the free end of the cantilever beam shown below. The 12 inch wide beam has a uniform taper and E


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