Determine pressure drop in length assuming laminar flow

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Air (ro = 1.23 kg/m^3, Mu = 1.79 x 10^-5 kg/m.s) flows through 4.0 mm diameter brass tube with velocity V=50m/s. Under these conditions flow is expected to be turbulent, but for a clean air, very smooth enterance (with guided vanes) to the tube and no tube vibration, it may be possible to maintain laminar flow. Determine the pressure drop in a 0.100m length assuming. a. Laminar Flow b. Turbulent flow.

Reference no: EM13299475

What will be the discharge through the pipe

A pump having the characteristics given ( N=2133.5 rpm, n=35.6 rps, D=37.1 cm) pumps water at 25 degree C from a reservoir at an elevation of 366 m to a reservoir at an elev

Calculate the ifov corresponding to the spatial resolution

LANDSAT as a spatial resolution of 15m and an altitude of 700km. IKONOS has a spatial resolution of 1m and an altitude of 680km. Calculate the IFOV corresponding to the spat

What is the pulling force to be applied for one of the plate

Due to temperature change, a 1/32" hole mismatching occurred. What is the pulling force, in lbs, to be applied for one of the plates to match the two holes The plate length

Is the state water-quality standard being met downstream

If the state standard downstream is not met, the state has informed town 1 that it must treat its sewage further so the downstream standard is met. Use a mass balance approach

Find require diameter of bar according to max stress critera

A bar with a circular cross-sectional area is made of SAE 1045 carbon steel having a yield stress of sY = 1000 MPa. The bar is subjected to a torque T=3.75 kNm and a bending

Compare size of cmfr and pfr to achieve 50 percent

Compare the size of a CMFR (completly mixed flow reactor) and PFR (plug flow reactor) to achieve 50 percent removal of a contaminant, given a flow rate of 10^4 m^3/d and a f

Find the p-value to provide adequate compressive strength

A new concrete mix is being designed to provide adequate compressive strength for concrete blocks. The specification for a particular application calls for the blocks to hav

Determine the volume of direct surface runoff in acre-ft

Determine the volume of direct surface runoff in acre-ft that will result from the following storm. The basin area is 1000 acres. The phi index is 0.5 in./hr. 30-minute peri


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