Determine pressure drop in length assuming laminar flow

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Air (ro = 1.23 kg/m^3, Mu = 1.79 x 10^-5 kg/m.s) flows through 4.0 mm diameter brass tube with velocity V=50m/s. Under these conditions flow is expected to be turbulent, but for a clean air, very smooth enterance (with guided vanes) to the tube and no tube vibration, it may be possible to maintain laminar flow. Determine the pressure drop in a 0.100m length assuming. a. Laminar Flow b. Turbulent flow.

Reference no: EM13299475

What is the velocity of the water at the exit for maximum

A suction device is being designed based on the Venturi principle to life objects in submerged water. The operating water temperature is 50C. The suction cup is located 1.3 m

Compute the radius of the second curve

Two converging tangents have azimuths of 300 deg and 270 deg respectively, while thAt of the common tangent is 320 deg. The distance from the point of intersection of the tang

Determine the maximum allowable horizontal distance

Determine the maximum allowable horizontal distance from the axle A of the wheelbarrow to the center of gravity of the second bag if she can hold only 75 N with each arm.

What is the highest possibledesign speed for the curve

The road has 12-ft lanes. Due toexpensive excavation, it is determined that a maximumof 34 ft can be cleared from the road's centerline toward the inside lane to provide for

Determine the maximum load p that the member can support

A stainless steel tube with an outside diameter of 59 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm is used as a compression member. If the axial normal stress in the member must be limited

What is the angular velocity of the pendulum immediately

A pendulum consists of a slender rod, AB, of weight Wr= 8.60 lb and a wooden sphere of weight Ws= 21.7 lb .(Figure 1) The length of the rod is d = 7.70 ft and the radius of th

Determine the stress in the wall at two points a and b

The end caps are spherical. The cylinder has length of 30 inc., a diameter of 8 in., and a wall thickness of 0.125 in. Determine the stress in the wall at two points A and B.

How far back from the front axle would the center of gravity

how far back from the front axle would the center of gravity have to be to ensure that the maximum tractive effort developed for front and rear- wheel drive options is equal


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