Determine present worth for benefit and cost with a project

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Benefits associated with a project are $10,000 forever starting in year 1. The costs are $20,000 in year 0 and $20,000 in year 3. What is the B/C ratio at i=12% per year. First determine present worth for benefit and cost, respectively.

Reference no: EM13313819

Type of constraints used in terms of degrees of freedom

The geometry of the models being produced should be presented in the report (including neat hand sketches). Discuss and explain reasons for the selection of. The type of geome

How much would her first deposit be in actual dollars

On her 23 birthday, and engineer decides to start saving toward building ip a retirement fund that pays 8% interest compounded quarterly (market interest rate) She feels that

What is the maximum grade the cat 785d truck

According to the CAT Manual, the CAT 785D truck is a front-drive truck that has an empty weight of 256,849 lbs, heaped volume of 102 CY, and a target payload of 157 tons. The

Compare and contrast the formula resulting from each theory

If given a brittle material with a known tensile strength, Sut, and a known compressive strength, Suc, use the four main fracture criteria (MNSC, BCM, MM, and MIIM) to determi

Determine the maximum design shear force for the loading

A simply supported span of 28 feet must carry a uniform loading that produces a total factored maximum moment of 300 K-ft including the beam weight. The concrete can be 3.5

What is the shear on locking pin a and pivot pin

A carbon steel tank, 6ft. inside diameter X 10 ft. long with a 3/8 inch wall, is sitting on evenly spaced rolls and 4 evenly spaced supports (2 on each side). What is the hori

Find the value of the angle at which the projectile is fired

A projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 800 ft/s at a target B located 2000 feet above the gun A and at a horizontal distance of 12,000 feet. Neglecting air resist

Determine the load on the struts per meter length

A braced excavation is required in a soft-clay, as shown in Figure P15.17. A stiff clay layer is located 5.9 m from the surface. Determine the load on the struts per meter l


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