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Question: Objective: The purpose of the assignment is to assess the overall investment climate China, by conducting a PEST analysis (political, economic, sociocultural, and technological factors), to determine market entry strategy, and to convey written recommendations in a concise manner.

Scenario: You work for a consulting firm that specializes in international market entry strategy for corporate clients. Your firm is the market leader in strategy for emerging economies, utilizing a variety of proprietary computer simulation programs for conducting PEST analyses. One of your firm's important clients, ABC Co., has decided to open a subsidiary in country ‘X', one of the BRICS / MINT countries. ABC Co. is a medium- sized international company in the ‘Y' industry, with no experience in emerging economies. Given your excellent reputation in the business, your team has been assigned to conduct a PEST analysis and to provide recommendations for ABC Co.

Industry Profile. Provide information about your selected industry, and if it exists in your selected country. Identify any key competitors for ABC company.

I select industry is China's mining.

Reference no: EM132184181

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