Determine if the case falls under civil or criminal law
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There are several different classifications of law. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the differences between criminal and civil law. Criminal law is concerned with acts against society as a whole, resulting in some form of punishment. In other words, a crime has been committed. Civil law is concerned with acts against a person, usually resulting in compensation or relief. For example, contract law falls under civil law.

Research a current or recent case or incident within the past year. You might look on the Internet or daily news. You might even find a case on the television news! Please be sure to cite your sources in APA format. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

In your initial post, please provide a brief summary about this case and discuss the following:

•Determine if the case falls under civil or criminal law and tell us why.

•What type of law is possibly broken?

•Finally, give your opinion as to the result.

?If the case has been decided as to guilt or innocence, do you agree with the decision? Provide support for your answer.
?If the case has not been decided, tell us what you think will happen and why.
?What sort of punishment or compensation is there or should there be?
?Are there any ethical issues involved in this case?

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