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A consumer has $100 to divide between purchasing wine and quiche. Suppose wine costs $10 per bottle if the consumer purchases up to 5 bottles. After that, it is $5 per bottle. Suppose quiche is $5 each. Please draw the budget line. Will a consumer purchase exact 5 bottles of wine? And why?

Reference no: EM13222566

Find what was the rate of return on the investment

An investment of $5000 in Biotech common stock proved to be very profitable. At the end of 3 years the stock was sold for $25000. What was the rate of return on the investme

Determine the total cost for each manufacturing

The predetermined overhead rate is based on machine hours. The expected machine hour use for the year is 2.112 hours, and the anticipated overhead costs are $840,576 for the

Analyze the optimal solution

Solve the following linear programming model graphically. In addition, write the problem in standard form and do a constraint analysis for the optimal solution. Minimize 10x

What is the minimum value for the elasticity

Recall that the Lerner formula or condition states that (p-MC)/p = 1/E. Write down the profit maximization conditions for pj j=X,Y. Can you write down the Lerner conditions

How does the income approach to measuring gdp differ

How does the income approach to measuring GDP differ from the expenditure approach Explain the meaning of value added and its importance in the income approach. Consider the

What would japans output per capita

At the end of 1973 Japan had a per capita real output of $14,379. If, on average, Japan's real per capita output grew at a rate of 3 percent per year between 1973 and 1993.

What is the implied price of the carrier in trade

Suppose a country can produce a maximum of 10,000 jumbo airliners or 2,000 aircraft carriers. a. What is the opportunity cost of an aircraft carrier b. If another country offe

Describes the economy of hypothetica

You are given the following model that describes the economy of Hypothetica. 1)Consumption function: C=100 + .8Yd 2) Planned investment: I = 38 3) Government spending: G = 75


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