Determine how long it will take your balance to grow

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You intend to make annual deposits of $8,400 into an account earning an effective annual rate of return of 10 percent, with your first deposit to be made today. Given this information, determine how long it will take your balance to grow to $100,000?

Reference no: EM132233639

Problem regarding the convention speeches

Watch and listen to obama's and romney's 2012 convention speeches. Write half a page overview on at least one leadership characteristic and quality of each leader. Justify y

Describe the ways that an entrepreneur can locate investors

Describe some of the ways that an entrepreneur can locate investors. What additional steps (if any) can entrepreneurs take to protect their products and services from in

Explore different approach to management in organisation

explore different approaches to Management in the same organisation. You may/ might explore two organisations in the same sector (e.g. manufacturing). You may/ might explore t

Opportunity cost of studying chapter

Suppose your studying partner states that the opportunity cost of studying chapter 1 of your microeconomics textbook is about 1/25 the price you paid for the book, since the

Product and promotional decisions

Now that the product and promotional decisions have been made for the new product, Michelle is concerned about the pricing of the new product and the distribution channels t

Business strategies to improve performance

In addition to the paper, please include a PowerPoint presentation, including substantive speaker notes for each slide and add an audio track for each slide. Please include

Cash-to-cash cycle focus

On which supply chain drivers should a firm trying to shrink it cash-to-cash cycle focus? A distributor has heard that one of the major manufacturers from which it buys is

Find the impact on productivity

A lumber Corporation manufactures 240 apple crates per one hundred logs. The corporation currently purchases 100 logs per day and each log requires three labor hours to proces


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