Determine expressions for attractive and repulsive energies

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Consider some hypothetical X+ - Y - ion pair for which the equilibrium interionic spacing and bonding energy values are 0.38 nm and - 6.38 eV respectively. If it is known that n in the equation has a value of 10, determine the expressions for attractive and repulsive energies, EA and ER as a functions of r where r is in nm and E is in eV.

Reference no: EM13319059

An uncovered swimming pool loses 1 inch of water off

An uncovered swimming pool loses 1 inch of water off its 1,000ft^2 surface each week due to evaporation. the heat of vaporization for water at the pool temperature is 1,050 Bt

What is the concentration of nox

It has been estimated that the emission of NOx from a coal fired power plant is 1300 g/s. At 100 km downwind (y=10m), what is the concentration of NOx in g/m^3. The wind speed

How many yards of borrow is require to complete construction

an embarkment will be constructed with the soil compacted to 95 percent of the max dry density. the borrow material, is deposited at a uniform density of 75 percent of the m

Determine the additional tension in each wire

The rigid bar AD is supported by two steel wires of (1/16)" diameter (E=29x10^6 psi) and a pin and bracket at D. Knowing that the wires were initially taut, determine (a) th

How many levels of press control will be required

For each of the four part drawings in Figure P16.14, indicate which PM class the parts belong to, whether the part must be pressed from one or two directions, and how many l

Determine what is the radial-horizontal stress at the point

A tire carries a 5,000-lb load and has a pressure of 100 psi. The pavement has a modulus of elasticity of 43,500 psi. A deflection of 0.016 inches is observed at a point on

How many trips would one rubber-tired herrywampus have

How many trips would one rubber-tired Herrywampus have to make to backfill a space with a geometrical volume of 5400 cubic yard. The maximum capacity of the machine is 30 cu

Determine the percentage of ball bearings with diameters

If the diameters of ball bearings are normally distributed with mean 0.6140 inches and standard deviation 0.0025 inches, determine the percentage of ball bearings with diamete


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