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A 1047 steel plate is subjected to a tensile stress of 120 MPa. Given its fracture toughness is 45 MPa?m and Y = 1, (a) Determine the critical crack length to assure the plate will not fail under static loading. (b) Consider the same plate under the action of cyclic tensile/compressive stresses of 120MPa and -30 MPa, respectively. If the component is to remain safe for 10 million cycles, what is the largest allowable crack length? (c) Compare the two critical crack lengths in (a) and (b), comment on the effect of the type ofloading on critical crack length.

Reference no: EM13319016

Determine what is the concentration of nox

At 100 km downwind (y=10m), what is the concentration of NOx in g/m^3. The wind speed at the top of the stack with a height of 100m is 6.5 m/s and an inversion layer of 750m

Find the stress in the steel and the stress in the concrete

A 14-in. square concrete post is 6ft tall and reinforced by nine 3/4" diameter steel rods. Assume that the materials are high-strength concrete and ASTM-A36 structural steel.

Estimate the hydraulic retention time if the reactor is pfr

A biological reactor is used to treat wastewater from a small community (Q = 100,000 gpd). The influent BOD5 concentration to the reactor is 200 mg/L and the required efflue

Find the reaction forces between the spheres

Two identical rollers,each of weight 90N are supported by an inclined plane and a vertical wall as shown in fig., determine the reaction at the points of supports A,B,C assu

A sealed bottle of ''hard lemonade

A sealed bottle of 'hard lemonade' (lemonade with alcohol in it) is in a liquid-vapour equilibriumstate at 298.15 K. The liquid phase contains 250 mL of 5.40% alcohol (v/v) (m

Compute the range in h corresponding to range in pressure

Compute the height (h) of the water tank above theground surface to provide a static pressure of 75 psi. Compute the pressure at a point in a building that is 40 feet abovethe

What is the elevation difference between high point and pvt

An equal-tangent crest vertical curve has a 50 mi/h design speed. The initial grade is +3%. The high point is at station 33+37.43 and the PVT is at station 37+18.26. What is

Sustainable soil and water management of agricultural fields

Write an essay on the topic "application of geophysical techniques using electromagnetic induction as a tool for sustainable soil and water management of agricultural fields


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