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Q. The execs want to know explain how congruent the outputs across the three levels. So given your analysis of performance at each of the three levels, are the interactions of these outputs congruent - highly, somewhat or very little? I need you to make this determination and support it with a good logical argument using the information that you obtain about Palm's goals and performance?

So start with the Org Level. Classify the Outputs - illustrate what does it produce and sell? Illustrate what are its goals? Explain how has it been performing? Then go the group level. Illustrate what are some groups that Palm identifies and the goals and performance of these groups. Finally, examine the Individual level. Here you will find it difficult to get much detailed information, so Classify five to seven key jobs and their outputs. Explain how can the performance of these jobs be measured? Finally determine the congruence of the outputs and make a strong argument for your case. This assignment needs to be 4-5 pages with references".


Reference no: EM13112986

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