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Question: Men's Health

Scenario: You have identified a high rate of HIV among gay men in your community.

Significant disparities are noted in the incidence rates among Caucasian, African American, and Latino men, with a higher incidence among African Americans, although the incidence among all three groups is high.

Addresses each question fully. States a relevant, justifiable answer. Presents arguments in a logical order. Uses APA style and grammar Demonstrates an accurate and complete understanding of the questions Backs conclusions with data and warrants (articles, journals, research). Uses 2 or more ideas, examples and/or arguments that support the answer. This paper will be graded based on these criteria. Indicate 2 or more references for any site used. Good writing still. Will be checked for grammar and plagiarism. 2 pages paper not include cover page and reference page.

1. Read the scenario.

2. Respond to the questions in full sentences. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling

a. How might you address the problem of HIV at the population level?

b. What additional information might you need to determine appropriate interventions for the problem?

c. What other segments of the community would you involve in developing your interventions?

Reference no: EM132233962

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