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A small firm intends to increase the capacity of a bottleneck operation by adding a new machine. Tow alternatives, A and B, have been identified, and the associated costs and revenues have been estimated. Annual fixed costs would be $40,000 for A and $30,000 for B; variable costs per unit would be $10 for A and $11 for B; and revenue per unit would be $15. A. Determine each alternatives break-even point in units. B. At what volume of output would the two alternatives yield the same profit? C. If expected annual demand is 12,000 units, which alternative would yield the higher profit? Please show all work.

Reference no: EM13105996

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In the Ecology of Health Services Organizations model (video and PPT slides), there is a focus on relationships among preventive, acute, rehabilitation, emergency and maintena

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Describe a time when innovation was harmful to an organization. With the benefit of hindsight, discuss what could have been marketed differently to have save the innovative ef

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Using an example of your own choice, describe how the cost of the operation might be affected by changing the levels of performance of quality, speed, dependability and flex

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Future prices of a stock are modeled with a 1-period binomial tree, the period being one year. You are given: (i) The continuously compounded risk free interest rate is 5%. (i

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University of Seattle is an organization in the higher education industry. Operational, managerial, and strategic decisions are made by University of Seattle "managers." Ident

Identify three models of group development

Identify three models of group development. How does the validity and reliability of a test help us decide if we should or should not use that test? What is needed for informa


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