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Bill Gates want to fund a new charter school to forever receive $10 million annually (paid once a year) starting in five years. After the fund is completed in five years, it will earn 8% interest compounded annually. How much per month for the upcoming five years should he invest in a fund at 6% annual interest, compounded monthly, to fund this.

Reference no: EM1353865

Calculate the efv ee and pfe for this trade

In a manner analogous to the case of counterparty credit risk in a Gauss/Markov HJM model covered in the spreadsheet discussed in class, calculate the EFV, EE and PFE for th

Explain how the revenue from medical supplies

Explain how the revenue from medical (pharmacy) supplies is currently handled for profit and loss reporting purposes. Is there a problem with the current system. Is there a

Fisher model

(Fisher model) The pure rate of interest is 3% and investor demand an inflation premium of 4%. What interest rate should they demand if they require a risk premium of 5%?

Acceptable based on the information

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Confidence interval for the mean

Let these ratios represent a random sample drawn from a normally distributed population. Construct the 90% confidence interval for the mean P/E ratio for the entire footwear i

Explain why these two facts may not be mere coincidence

The U.S. has more lawyers per capita than any other country in the world. It is also among the richest countries in the world. Explain why these two facts may not be mere co

Determining the capital structure

You do not have to select three companies listed on the same exchange; however, the companies selected must have information that is readily and easily accessible, such as t

Should be willing to pay for the bond

ABC Corporation's bonds have a 10-year maturity, a 5.50% coupon rate with interest paid semiannually, and a par value of $1,000. If your  nominal required rate of return on


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