Determinants of employment inflation and value theory

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Select an early and later economist and compare and contrast their theories in an important area of analysis such as the determinants of employment, inflation, value theory, development, trade, protectionism, financial crisis, or overall methodological approach to understanding the economy, broadly considered.

Outline and Topic Paper

Prepare a detailed outline of your paper. You may end up changing things around before you finish, but the outline will provide you with an initial structure around which you can organize your research. Also prepare a one-page narrative of the purpose of your research to accompany the outline. The revised outline and topic paper should represent substantially increased focus for your paper.

List of references

Prepare a list of at least ten (10) scholarly sources, including books/monographs, journal articles and similar academic works. Do not use Wikipedia or non-scholarly on-line sources.

Reference no: EM13951273

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