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Students will submit a final proposal to their clients, detailing the appropriate marketing communications strategy to solve the client's problem. This proposal should include media planning and budget considerations. This proposal should be made based on a powerpoint that I've made in advance (attached). These are the most important part of the proposal: - Objectives - Media Planning & Message Strategy - Marketing Communication tools Should you need more sources, open this link to see the sources of my powerpoint works (it should works even if you're not on facebook).

Reference no: EM13937001

How well the strategic plan you have developed aligns

HSA 599- Evaluate how well the strategic plan you have developed aligns with the organization's mission and vision. Recommend three specific strategies to track the effectiv

Describe various measurements of corporate performance

Discuss the three types of controls that firms can use to evaluate a strategy. Explain examples of each of these controls. Describe various measurements of corporate performa

System development

SDLC: Most I.S. departments have a backlog of work. Is the System Development Life Cycle a good idea or does it just add additional delays?

Develop key success factors budget and forecasted financials

Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart. Create a risk management plan including contingency plans for the identified risk

Strategic issue of business

Strategic issue of business-An important aspect of the case analysis process is providing a justification for the choice of alternative solutions as well as connecting Defin

Discuss the core strategy

You are beginning a bait delivery service in a lake district and need to now turn the business focus to Core Strategy.  Discuss your Core Strategy and make sure to connect it

Calculate the total contribution before the price cut

Calculate the total contribution before the price cut and after the price cut assuming total sales volume stays the same and calculate the breakeven sales for a 5% price cut

What are the tesla and tata motors business models

What are the Tesla and Tata Motors business models - To what extent are Tesla and Tata Motors currently direct competitors?To what extent are they currently not direct compet


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