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A fixed-bed reactor is to be designed for a hydrocracking process. The reactor will treat 320,000 lb/hr of vacuum gas oil (specific gravity 0.85) in the presence hydrogen at 650 ºF, 2000 psig, 1.0 weight hourly space velocity (WHSV). The catalyst has bulk density of 50 lb/ft3 and void fraction 0.4. The catalyst is to be divided into four beds, to allow a hydrogen quench to be brought in between the beds for temperature control. Make a preliminary mechanical design of the reactor(s). Your design should include:

a. Selection of material of construction

b. Sizing of the vessel(s) including allowance for any internals

c. Determination of the required wall thickness

d. Selection and sizing of vessel heads

e. The nozzles and flanges (use standard flanges)

f. A support skirt

You need not design the vessel internals.

You should consider the following design loads:

a. Internal pressure

b. Wind loading

c. Dead weight of vessel and contents (vessel full of catalyst and gas oil)

d. Hydraulic testing with no catalyst and vessel full of water

Reference no: EM13884295

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