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Imagine you are part of a four person team charged with developing a complex, multi-variable market analysis for your hospital. All members of your team are basically at the same job level as you and your boss has not designated anyone as the official “Team Leader.” After your first meeting, everyone agrees on the general vision and purpose of the project, the primary tasks needed to be completed, and a six week time schedule. After two weeks of work, one of the members of your team with an office right down the hall from yours has failed to produce anything. Another team member has a sick child and is starting to miss meetings and is seriously lagged in his overall participation in the project. He works virtually out of his home in Seattle, Washington. What would you say to each of these team members about the project?

Reference no: EM131039273

Customers arrive according to poisson distribution

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Rate the three (3) most important concepts that you learned in this course in order of importance (one [1] being the most important). Provide a rationale for your response. De

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The progressive discipline process is meant to be fair and understandable, but it tends to be slow. Try to think of two or three offenses that should result in immediate disch

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The Excel File Auto Survey contains a sample of data about vehicles owned. Whether they were purchased new or used, and other types of data. Use the Descriptive Statistics too

Report higher and higher in the organizational structure

Which type of organizational form fosters teamwork in the best manner? What are the major reasons for having project manager's report higher and higher in the organizational s


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