Design of a professional role

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Professionals and Professional ethics, Code of ethics

• What is a profession? What characteristics define a professional, properly so called?

• What general responsibilities/ obligations do you think professionals have? What features would you look for in an ethically sound design of a professional role?

• Should management be considered a profession? If so why, if not, why not?

Reference no: EM13518625

What is argument luban offers for the hybrid war-law model

"We will be the opportunity institution for every student we serve - essential to our community's success."Broadly - and incompletely - 'success' can be interpreted in two

Explain the origins of organized crime and its several forms

Explain the origins of organized crime, its several forms, and critically evaluate the means by which law enforcement agencies have been able to combat it. Provide a rationa

Analyze the amount of green space in your area

Analyze the amount of green space in your area and make predictions about the effects of the availability of green space on mental health in your community. Make a compariso

Problems with the kyoto protocol

One of the problems with the Kyoto Protocol and with the Clean Air Act is that economists and scientists define problems differently and have contrasting priorities. How would

What are the pros and cons of this approach

In 2006 the IRS issued some 1.5 million ITINS, the most ever, and news outlets reported that spring 2007 saw an increase in federal tax filings from undocumented aliens. What

What are the preparation functions of the jurisdiction

What are the preparation functions of the jurisdiction? Explain. What are response functions of the jurisdiction? Explain. What are the recovery functions of the jurisdiction?

What does it mean if a behavior is reactive

Discuss the pros and cons of using naturalistic versus contrived observation.- What special opportunities and problems does participant observation create for researchers?

Townscape residency scenario

The City of Townscape has had an increasingly difficult time attracting and retaining qualified department heads and other high level city employees.


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