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ENGINEERING DESIGN PROJECT - Mining/Mechanical Project

Project Description -

1. Design:

Your team is charged with the design, construction and demonstration of a proof-of-concept dragline that demonstrates the following three motions (Figure 4):

  • Motion 1 - Hoisting and Lowering the bucket;
  • Motion 2 - Dragging the bucket in towards the machine and repositioning the bucket out; and
  • Motion 3 - Slewing (rotating of the upper structure about the lower structure, the tub).

Your prototype is not required to "walk".


2. Prototype Operation:

After completing the design and construction stages, your team will be expected to test, operate and demonstrate your prototype in the last several weeks of semester.

  • The working space consists of a digging box, a dump, and a working bench (Figure 5).
  • The position of digging box, dump, and working bench is fixed.
  • The dump is in a higher elevation to the digging box.
  • The working bench is made of four Besser blocks.
  • The dragline is positioned on the working bench for the entire operation.
  • The axis of dragline rotation must be at the centre of the working bench.
  • Housing of counter-balance weight is designed to enable a balanced dragline operation.


The full operating cycle to be demonstrated by your prototype includes the following steps:

  • The dragline is initially positioned with the bucket hanging over the dump;
  • The dragline is to rotate and position the bucket to load;
  • The dragline then digs into and collects rice from the muck pile in its bucket;
  • The dragline then raises, swings and dumps the load into the dump;
  • The dragline then swings back to the muck pile, ready for the next cycle; and
  • The dragline repeats this process for the allowed time (5 minutes).

3. Constraints:

3.1 Machine - The dragline should comply with the following design guidelines:

  • The assembly can only include one bucket, and must include the manufactured component (Section 6.1).
  • Motors must not exceed a 6V rating (Tamiya 70167 recommended).
  • Power must be supplied by batteries. Batteries must have a voltage rating of 10 V or less. Battery life and structural integrity must be sufficient for at least one 5-minute operating run (Warning: standard 9 V batteries do not have a long operational capacity). Battery location is optional (on-board, or external).
  • The control philosophy (e.g. manual, automated, remote, wired/wireless) is at the discretion of your team as is the number of operators.

3.2 Digging Material - The digging material is raw long grain white rice. A sample of the digging material will be provided to all teams prior to demo day.

3.3 Budget - The dragline must be built within the following budgetary constraints.

  • In order to achieve maximum marks, the total cost should be under AU$150;
  • Teams may spend more than AU$150, however, this will result in loss of marks for the "Design Specifications" criterion;
  • Only consumable items used during Demo Day are included in the cost of the machine (e.g. your team may use three (3x) batteries for testing, but only the one used during Demo Day counts towards the assessable budget); and
  • Your team will be required to submit a formal budget report on Demo Day, including supporting documentation (e.g. receipts, invoices etc.).

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Reference no: EM131438150

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3/23/2017 8:32:40 AM

Subject- Engineering Design. This Document (Document 3) addresses the following items: Introduction to draglines; Project D description; Required design and build specifications, constraints and assumptions; Demonstration details; and Details of Manufactured Component. Document 1: The semester schedule, a summary of assessment, and where to go for help. Document 2: Assessment details (rubrics, best practice, project specific information etc.) The design scope and specifications may change during semester as more detailed project information becomes available. Changes to design briefs are more common than not in industry, so this adds to the authenticity of the project and allows you to develop those skills necessary to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. Draglines are high-capital-cost/low-operating-cost systems that load and transport materials. Their most common application is overburden removal, in which ore is uncovered in a series of parallel adjacent pits.

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