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PART 1: Annotated Bibliography

A solid foundation of research will support the theoretical base and practical applications of your strategic plan. Prepare an annotated bibliography of the sources you have selected (at least 5) for the portfolio (part 2). APA FORMAT REQUIRED.


The portfolio has to match the organizational profile that is attached below. This is extremely important, IF NOT, THE ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Organizational Profile for Project Option #1

Organizational Statement and Overview: We are only as good as our teams. Organizational HR functions have been known to create barriers and extra work for employees, preventing them from achieving organizational goals. We need to be consistent on how each of our area HR functions meets the needs of the employees and achieve HR and organizational goals.

While we are a very successful organization, HR operates in a decentralized fashion. Currently, most HR related decisions are being made at the area level. This means that HR practices and employment issues vary among areas. This can impede our ability to respond effectively to new issues or carry out innovative employment relations strategies that are in the best interests of the organization.

Each area will have one single HR representative who will be the face of HR in the field. The HR Relationship Manager (Title for field representative.) will have access to the specialized services needed. One of the primary reasons for developing a more centralized HR function is to make sure that high quality, consistency and efficiency are the norm across all areas.

Specialized services include: Recruitment & Selection (Module 3), Performance Management (Module 4) Training & Development (Module 5), Compensation & Benefits (Module 6), Employee / Labor Relations (Module 7), and Health, Safety & Security (Module 8).

Corporate Vision: To become a world class company, the standard by which others are measured.

Corporate Mission: Design and deliver the highest quality IT solutions utilized by 75% of the market while maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Corporate Goals:

1- Increase shareholder value.

2- Increase profits

3- Increase customer satisfaction

4- Increase employee satisfaction.

5- Out compete our competition.

6- Focus on a more targeted segment within our industry

7- Positively shape the regulatory and policy environment to allow for innovation and build our brands reputation.

8- Deliver a more differentiated motivating brand proposition.

HR Guidance for you to build upon:

HR Purpose Statement: You will create one. (Referred to by some as the department mission statement.)

HR Goals (Create three additional goals. Make sure they support the organizational goals.)

1. Create a centralized human resources function located at our corporate offices that identifies and supports individual needs and their use of locally assigned human resources contact.

2. Minimizing the inconsistencies that currently exist in HR policies and practices across areas and implementing practice, process and structural changes that will ensure the consistent application of best practices in the human resources function enterprise-wide.

3. Eliminating unnecessary duplication of processes and services in the HR function.

4. Ensure that HR personnel receive the training and experience they need to develop their expertise and cultivate opportunities for career advancement in the HR field.

5. Improve communications and information sharing among all areas to ensure consistent application of the HR function.

Portfolio Project #1: Human Resources Strategic Plan

Portfolio Project #1 provides data from a hypothetical organization. The data can be found at the bottom of the page.

You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization's mission, vision, and objectives. The overall scope of the Portfolio Project is to create a "Shared Services" structure for HR that will be housed at the organization's corporate offices.

Milestone Deliverables due Sections 2, 4 and 5

Section 2: Portfolio Milestone: Outline Prepare an outline of your plan project and submit it to your instructor for review. Please use APA format and include a two- to three-sentence description of each section.

Section 4: Portfolio Milestone: Annotated Bibliography A solid foundation of research will support the theoretical base and practical applications of your strategic plan. Prepare an annotated bibliography of the 10 or more sources you have selected. Submit the completed document to your instructor for review.

Section 5: Portfolio Milestone: Purpose Statement

Most of us are aware of the term "purpose statement" but are unsure of its real meaning within an organization. It is a statement describing the organization's purpose, or the reason for its existence. The purpose of an organization reflects a desired position in the marketplace. It should accurately answer to the questions below. The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers.

• Who are we?
• What do we do?
• For whom do we do this?
• How do we know when we are getting it done?

The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers. The most effective purpose statements are short, concise, and direct. A good purpose statement is between 2-3 sentences.

Answer the four questions above and create a purpose statement for your HR department. Submit the answers to the four questions and the purpose statement to your instructor for review.

NOTE: At this stage, you will need to name your company and decide the service they provide or products they manufacture.

For all Portfolio Milestone assignments: Although you will not earn points the Sections you submit these deliverables, they are required components of the Portfolio Project and you will lose points on your final project grade if you fail to submit these assignments as required by the end of the Sections they are due. See the Portfolio Project grading rubric on the Course Information page for details.

Final Deliverable due Section 8

Required Topics - Be sure to cover the following:

• Strategic Contribution,
• Personal Credibility,
• HR Delivery Metrics,
• Key Performance Measurements (KPM),
• Action Plan for each functional area,
• HR mission statement,
• HR vision statement and objectives.

Your strategic plan should include:

• Title Page
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Body of your plan
• Conclusion
• Reference Page
• Appendix (optional)

Submission requirements:

• Ten pages minimum (not including the title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix) will be needed to complete the project.

• Support your analysis and recommendations with 5 credible sources documented in accordance with the APA REQUIREMENTS.

Reference no: EM13957161

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