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Design a website on your 'passion project'. This is some topic based on social or global concern (environmental, social, economic, global access to resources, spirituality, educational access, etc.) to which you would like to raise awareness and bring about change. Consider that you are starting an organization on your topic and that you would like for others become interested and sign up to join your organization after viewing your webpage. If you need some ideas visit

This assignment involves the creation of some HTML pages. You are forbidden to use any HTML editor for this assignment. You should do the entire project by editing HTML using a text editor. Your site should contain elements from HTML5 and CSS tutorials. For full credit, all your web pages and CSS code must validate correctly and all your formatting should be done using CSS, either inline or as a separate file. You will lose marks for putting too much formatting into your HTML. You should avoid using anything other than class, id, name, value and href attributes. Please give yourself plenty of time to complete it fully so that you can get full marks.

Your site should contain:
• A front page with links to other pages within your site
o At least 4 headings on the front page
o A navigation bar that links to other pages on your site
At least two - 2 other (linked) pages that have been populated
At least 2 photographs per page

Design elements should include (indicated in the comments)
o 1 unordered
o 1 ordered list
o a table
o use of alignments
o use of colors
o a universal selector
o class selectors
o id selectors
o a form for users to provide name and e-mail address
o a submit button
o box model element styling (padding, border, margin)
o a link to an external source
o relevant images

Reference no: EM13988574

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