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ASSIGNMENT : Recommend a test market design and addressing each of the following three scenarios. Submit with Huizenga cover sheet. Keep in mind in some instances you might need a test and control markets. Also, in answering the questions, you might consider using X and O to help describe your plan.

a. Design a test of a new pricing strategy for orange juice concentrate. The brand is an established brand, and we are only interested in testing the effect of a 10 percent price increase and a 10 percent price decrease. All other elements of the marketing mix will remain the same. Identify any issues with retailer cooperation if you choose to conduct a test market.

b. A soft drink company has determined in taste tests that consumers prefer the taste of their diet product when sweetened with sucralose in comparison to aspartame. Now they are interested in determining how the new sweetener will perform in the marketplace. Design test markets that will achieve this goal.

The test will have two alternatives.

In option one test market, only the new sucralose product will be substituted for the aspartame product and an all other elements of the marketing mix will remain the same. 

In option two test markets, the sucralose product will be substituted for the aspartame product, but in this test the company will advertise the ingredient change to sucralose.


c. A national pizza wants to test the effect on sales of four different promotions. These include a $2 coupon, $3 coupon, a buy one pizza get one free, or buy a pizza and get a large bottle of soda free. Design a test that will do this in a way that gives a focus and clear read on sales volume. Financial analysis after the test results are in will address the revenue and profit impact.

Reference no: EM131028264

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