Design a test methodology for the sungrafix network

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Project on Security Policy

In this running case project, you continue developing a secure network for SunGrafix, the video game development company for which you designed a network in the first week and are starting to perform a risk assessment this week. Using the information in those projects and what you have learned in chapter 13, produce a draft security policy for the company

Conducting Risk Assessment and Analysis ?

- Business Process Identification Worksheet?

Designing an IDS for SunGrafix ?

check the below material and answer the question..

((Students' designs must reflect an effective IDS solution in keeping with the information in the chapter and accepted industry best practices. Student designs should be complete, showing locations of sensors and NIDS, HIDS, and/or hybrid installations. Students must have details on the product they have chosen, including alert and response capabilities, logging locations, log analysis techniques, and vendor information. Students must also include information about signature files and software/hardware updates and scalability potential.

Optional, but helpful for the next chapter's activity: Reports on incident response and escalation procedures, with information on updating the security policy for employees, management, and network administration.

A summary of the design should precede the detailed submission. The summary should be written for a nontechnical audience, such as upper management or department heads.))

Designing a Test Methodology for the SunGrafix Network?

- Test Configuration Documentation?

Reference no: EM131308885

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