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Strategy Map Analysis

Resource: Strategy Maps section on page 353 in Ch. 10 of Organizational Change

The assumption underlying strategy maps in for-profit organizations is that financial outcomes are the end goals that they are striving for and that other objectives within the change program should be aligned to produce and support those desired outcomes. If particular activities and the objectives don't support the changes, they should be seriously questioned and either dropped or reduced in importance.
Consider a change initiative that you know is currently being researched for adoption, or that you want to have considered for adoption, by an organization with which you are familiar.

Answer the following:

• If the vision for change is achieved, how will it look from the perspective of the financial results achieved?

• To accomplish these financial outcomes, what initiatives have to be undertaken from a customer perspective to deliver on the value proposition in ways that generate the desired financial results?

• To accomplish these customer and/or financial outcome efficiencies, what changes must be made from an internal business process perspective?

• To attain the internal process goals and objectives, what must be undertaken from a learning and growth perspective to increase the organization's capacity to do what is needed?

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in the third person voice in which you address the four questions above.

Identify the change initiative clearly.

Design a strategy map to illustrate your analysis using Figure 10.3 "Generic Strategy" and Figure 10.4 "Strategy Map for Control Production Systems" as examples from Chapter 10 in Organizational Change.

Include the map in your assignment and explain its components.

Use organizational change terminology consistent with what is used in your text.

Include at least two other sources other than the Organizational Change text to demonstrate research on the design, purpose, and responses to the questions of your strategy map analysis.

Format your Strategy Map Analysis assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Attachment:- Strategy_Maps.rar

Reference no: EM131288805

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