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1. Design a small-signal midband common-emitter (CE) amplifier with a BJT transistor having β of 160 and VBE of 0.7V. The dc bias is provided by the voltage-divider configuration. The available dc voltage supply is +5V and -5V. The amplifier has the overall voltage gain (with load) of |A| ≥ 90 and maximum output voltage swing. An ac output signal from a sensor, vs of 50 mV need to be amplified. A source resistance, RS of 1 kΩ is used at the input side in order to facilitate the measurement of the input resistance. The amplifier output is connected to a load, RL of 2 kΩ.

You need to determine all the resistors values of the bias circuitry, coupling capacitors and emitter bypass capacitor values, -3dB cut-off frequencies, input resistance, output resistance, the maximum voltage swing and the stage voltage gain. Verify your design with a computer simulation.

The report should have the following items:

(i) Introduction - theory, etc.

(ii) Design:

- Design amplifier circuit calculation both dc and ac analysis.

(iii) Result:

- Expected result

- Simulation verification result- e.g. input/output waveforms, Bode plot (-3dB cut-off freq).

 -other necessary waveforms/diagrams.

(iv) Discussion & Conclusion.

Reference no: EM131069956

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