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Reference no: EM131380458

An organizational behavior moment

Read "An Organizational Behavior Moment". Choose one of the two "Moments" and present your answer to the "Discussion Questions" at the end in a discussion posting, clearly i

Center for creative leadership

A 2007 research report produced by the Center for Creative Leadership on The Changing Nature of Leadership concluded that the definition of effective leadership had changed

Compare the direct and indirect compensation requests

You have two employment candidates for a marketing position. Both have similar educational backgrounds and certifications. However, the first candidate has 20 years of rel

Different groups of healthcare professionals

In the healthcare field, different groups of healthcare professionals adhere to their own codes of ethics.  All healthcare professionals are duty-bound to follow a strict co

Find a wide range of job functions

Describe each theory and discuss the strengths and weakness of each theory and how would you apply each theory to working with a highly creative and complex technology workfo

Addresses the issues raised in case study posted online

Prepare a report that addresses the issues raised in the case study posted online, and provide a recommendation. The length of the report is 2500 words (plus or minus 10% ex

Social justice issues in healthcare

Justice is one of the five core ethical principles in healthcare. Using south University Online, find a current article (no more than two years old) on social justice issue

Explain how is employee activities related to the performace

Organizational behavior is the examining of individuals, teams and departments within an organization, reviewing their performance and employing new practices for enhanced p



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I did pay, it went through on my card. Please verify that it has been paid. I have attached the documents. 1-3 are for the first problem. 24229764_11.docx 24229764_22.docx 24229764_33.docx 24229770_14.docx 24229770_25.docx 2nd evaluation attached 24229752_1task 2 evaluation.pdf


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B2c. Description The candidate provides a logical justification of the recommendation of 2 types of individuals who should be targeted for recruitment that is credible and well-reasoned. The justification is clearly explained, logically constructed, and sufficiently supported. The candidate provides an adequate description of 2 effective methods for reaching each recommended target group.


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Articulation of Response (clarity, organization, mechanics) The candidate provides adequate articulation of response. A1. Labor Demand The candidate provides a logical discussion of 3 factors that are influencing labor demand. The discussion is comprehensive, well- reasoned, clearly explained, and sufficiently supported. A2. Labor Supply The candidate provides a logical discussion of 3 factors that are influencing labor supply. The discussion is comprehensive, well-reasoned, clearly explained, and sufficiently supported. B1. Recruitment Objectives The candidate identifies 3 appropriate recruitment objectives for the organization. B2a. Applicant Pool Needed The candidate accurately determines the size of the applicant pool needed to produce 25 viable candidates using yield ratios and the recruitment data in Exhibit 3. B2b. Recruitment Target Recommendation The candidate provides an appropriate recommendation of 2 types of individuals who should be targeted for recruitment. The recommendation is clear, logical, and appropriate in length and format. B2bi. Justification of Recommendation


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Workforce Planning 2 assignments, Assignment 1 – 5-10 page report answering the questions in the directions 1 file while following 2.00 value of the rubric for every requirement of the rubric 1. The text book is also attached. Assignment 2 – 3-5 page report answering the questions in the directions 2 file file while following the 2.00 value of the rubric for every requirement of the rubric 2. The textbook is also attached. Would like the same author for both assignments so their is no difference in style.

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